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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Ever had a hankering to be a San Andreas radio DJ? Want to listen to San Andreas radio in the car on the way to work?

This program allows you to create your own CD playlists from songs, commercials, station idents, and small audio clips of DJ chatter. You can create a playlist as if it were taken from the game, including randomized songs, chatter, commercials etc. Or you can create your own customized playlists, for instance party mix CDs of songs from various radio stations.

Once you have created a playlist you can save it for playing later within this program, or you can export it as a WAV file for burning to a CD. The program even creates a CUE file for CD burning programs such as CDRWIN to get the track positions right on the CD.



Well, after the success of my Vice City Radio decoder, how could I not?

GTA:SA uses a new technique for the radio stations. Whereas Vice City used a single massive audio track per radio station, San Andreas splits each station into about 150 audio clips, which are strung together randomly according to some rules. The audio clips are things like:

  • Station idents
  • Announcements about in-game events (e.g. weather, travel)
  • General chatter
  • Phone-ins
  • Commercials
  • Programming (mostly songs)
Commercials are not included with the main radio stations, but in a seperate file.

The programming is further split up. Most songs consists of one audio clip for the main body of the song, and three different intros and outros, each with different chatter over them (or no chatter).

After a major session of organization helped by Brother Cake, we created a database of descriptions for every track, and their organization into songs, etc. This allows you to use the user-friendly interface provided by this program, instead of double-clicking 160 WAV files and stringing them together in WaveLab!


Download and install the program. Insert the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas DVD (4.19GB) (for PlayStation 2) into your DVD-ROM drive and then run the program, either from the Start Menu or from the shortcuts if you installed them.

You will see a window split into two. The left panel shows the current radio station. The right panel shows the current playlist, which is empty to begin with. Use the green arrows on the left to change radio stations. You can double-click an audio clip to hear it. Drag an audio clip onto the playlist to add it to the playlist. You can move songs around on the playlist, or drag them off the playlist (e.g. onto the desktop) to remove them from the playlist.

Select Help to get help while running the program.


The current version of this program is designated V1.0. There are no known issues. V1.0 fixes a problem with the WAV header output in that some media players would not play the files correctly. BETA #3 fixed a problem with the installer in BETA #2 and adds an export option (see Options menu).

Installation is a single setup program courtesy of the fantastic Inno Setup. Click the download link, then select "Open" or "Run" and follow the on-screen installation instructions.



Some common problems:

  • The GTA: San Andreas disc is a DVD and can only be read in a DVD-ROM drive. If you do not have a DVD-ROM drive your PC cannot read the disc.
  • The previous version had a faulty installer. The program would run correctly from the Start Menu shortcut but not from the desktop or quicklaunch icons. The current version fixes this bug.
  • This version only works with the PS2 version of GTA: San Andreas

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