GameBoy Advance BIOS Logo Check

Yes, it checks every byte


Some homebrew developers and publishers are interested in bypassing the logo protection used on the GBA, for obvious legal reasons [the logo is copyright Nintendo so it cannot be included on a cartridge without their permission, although this is debatable].

One company offered $200 for a software or hardware "crack".

Using my homebrew GBA Link Cable I dumped the BIOS ROM using a method due to Jeff Frohwein, which is to call a small piece of known BIOS code at address &0468:

    0468    LDMIA   R13!,{R4}
    046C    BX      R14

This method is required since the BIOS can only be read when PC also points into the BIOS.

It had been determined already that the Nintendo logo data was in the BIOS at &3290, so the challenge was to find the logo check code.

It turns out that this code is at &06E8. It is reproduced here with annotations:

    06E8    STMFD   R13!,{R4-R6,R14}    ;; e.g. R0 = &08000004
    06EA    LDR     R1,&0AC4            ;; &0AC4 holds &3290
    06EC    MOVS    R6,#&00		
    06EE    MOVS    R4,#&FF             ;; check all bits by default    
    06F0    CMP     R6,#&98             ;; +98 only check bits &7B
    06F2    BNE     &06F6
    06F4    MOVS    R4,#&7B
    06F6    CMP     R6,#&9A             ;; +9A only check bits &FC
    06F8    BNE     &06FC
    06FA    MOVS    R4,#&FC
    06FC    CMP     R6,#&9C             ;; +9C skip to &070E
    06FE    BGE     &070E
    0700    LDRB    R2,[R0,R6]          ;; load byte from header
    0702    LDRB    R3,[R1,R6]          ;; load byte from BIOS
    0704    ANDS    R2,R2,R4            ;; mask ROM bits according
    0706    ADDS    R6,R6,#1            ;; to the above masks
    0708    CMP     R2,R3
    070A    BEQ     &06EE               ;; loop
    070C    B       &0722               ;; WRONG - return fail
    ;; comes here if the first &9C bytes check out OK
    070E    MOVS    R4,#&19             ;; load &19
    0710    LDRB    R2,[R0,R6]          ;; load byte from ROM
    0712    ADDS    R4,R4,R2            ;; add to R4
    0714    ADDS    R6,R6,#1
    0716    CMP     R6,#&BA
    0718    BLT     &0710               ;; loop over 30 bytes
    071A    MOVS    R0,R4,LSL #24
    071C    BNE     &0722               ;; if sum is not zero, fail
    071E    MOVS    R0,#&00
    0720    B       &0724               ;; success
    0722    MOVS    R0,#&01
    0724    LDMFD   R13!,{R4-R6,PC}

The conclusion is that the BIOS code checks every byte of the logo, so there is no way to create a different piece of data which will stand in for the logo.

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